• I was submitting a bug report on Github, and thought it would be nice if there has a sticky topic on here with a template for submitting bug reports.

    Something like this (keep it basic):

    Attn: Before Submitting A Bug Report please confirm/try the following, if possible. Please note, after each step try starting in dev mode ./nodebb dev and take note of any errors or warnings written to the console.

    1. Disable theme ./nodebb reset theme

    2. Disable all plugins ./nodebb reset plugins
      a. If you want to disable one at a time use this instead: ./nodebb reset plugin="nodebb-plugin-PLUGIN_NAME_HERE"

    3. Confirm all necessary services for your instance are running and available:
      a. Database
      b. Apache/Nginx (If you use them)
      c. Make sure your port is open and accessible

    4. If you've updated to a newer version of nodebb make sure you did the following:
      a. npm install
      b. ./nodebb upgrade

    If the above didn't work please use the template below to submit a bug report

    1. NodeBB Version
    2. Current Active Plugins (If any)
    3. Current Active Theme
    4. Bug Severity: 1 (lowest) - 5 (highest)
    5. Bug Description
    6. How to duplicate?

    These are just some thoughts...would need to be more precise and formatted with some markdown. Just wanted to throw the idea out there...

  • @mootzville

    This already exists on Github. However yes, a template for people to fill out a bug report would be smooth. 👍

    Although, bug severity wouldn't really work. If someones forum goes down because they've downloaded a plugin that's not compatible, then they'd say that was a severity of 5. I on the other hand, would give it a severity of 0.3. 😆


  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Yes, I highly recommend updating CONTRIBUTING.md with a list (either embedded inline or linking to an article in the documentation/wiki) of steps to try before submitting a bug report.

    Good thing that file is in the repo and we accept pull requests XD

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    If we had a forms-to-post plugin this would be real easy :squirrel:

  • @Tanner Where would the form go? Hmmmm? 😛

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    @a_5mith On a static page, silly.

  • @Tanner That sounds far too simple. 😆 Seems doable though. Could probably use the blog comments plugin to find out how to create the topic, you'd just need to create an admin area with the questions, and the routes.

    I've probably wildly over simplified that though.

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    @a_5mith That's what I'm saying man, I requested this plugin a while ago here:


    It's a simple thing that I unfortunately haven't figured out myself, and would definitely appreciate a few +1's for it.

  • I like where this is going...

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    @Tanner write API could help with that, but until then, here's the high-level implementation/workaround:

    1. FTPP (form-to-post plugin) establishes new POST route at /feedback
    2. When that route is called, take req.body.text (where text is the id in the corresponding form) and call Topic.post as a pre-registered user.

    That's pretty much it. There's more to expand on (such as spam prevention/throttling/auth/security), but yeah.

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