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    In protest of the removal of all my contest entries I have made a new plugin! I'm sure you are familiar with the cloud -> butt extensions for basically all major browsers out there... Well now there's a NodeBB plugin for it as well!

    Bonus: you can even customize what words to change to butt in the ACP!


    npm install nodebb-plugin-butt



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  • @Schamper Saw a fantastic TIFU on Reddit about a guy who works for a news agency.

    There's an extension that converts any appearance of "cloud" on a webpage to "butt". I work in web development and as such am exposed to a lot of marketing copy about How To Use The Cloud To Disrupt Your Business Vertical and the like. I installed this extension on chrome on my home computer, not my work computer, but didn't realize that Chrome will sync your extensions across all logged in browsers.

    So one day at work, I'm asked to take a look at a bug in a weather forecast script in the sidebar of a news website that my company manages. I open up the script (which is annoyingly only accessible in-browser through the CMS), fix the bug, and get back to my other projects.

    The next day, the newspaper editor stops by and asks me to take a look at the weather forecast cause it's "acting strange." Long story short, approximately 6,000 area residents were informed that the weather in their county today would be "Butty with light rain in the evening."

  • LOL oh buddy, did you know I beat you to this plugin by a year and 3 months?

    Also little known fact, this was the first plugin ever written for NodeBB.

    ... and no, it stopped being compatible with NodeBB at around v0.0.2 😦

  • @julian damnit! Well I'm out of ideas now, at least mine has a customizable list 😄

  • XD don't worry, I concede. I'm not sure the plugin ever made it onto npm either, the plugin system was that new that you had to install it via git only.

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