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    Yeah I just bumped this.

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    I would have replied late last night to stay within the theme of the thread but I was too tired. Plus I was busy watching Lord of the Rings while falling asleep.

    Anyways, back to EVE Online business... :squirrel:

  • hahaha it's not late night now either but I want to headbutt these jerkoffs i've been working with the past 4 months.

    kids show / intellectual property

    i replaced their "web guy" who was a bad hack at best. his sites are total garbage. he gets mad i didn't give him admin access to make changes and moves the fucking name servers. not only replacing the nice site with this pile of shit. but killing the SEO value, emails, and everything else put into it.

    seriously.. you just can't find people this stupid if you tried

    /rant off

    for now....

  • that above rant never ended haha.. they begged me to come back and fix everything they trashed and I walked. sorry guys but offering me a "piece of the business" when you are 500k in debt just doesn't make me feel like I'm ever going to get paid for my time 🙂

    Watching the late NBA game right now while responding to some emails. Lakers really suck ass they're not making the playoffs this year.. Don't really care though as a Knicks fan.

  • I only follow football, as in the real football not american football

    inb4 wave of hate

  • @psychobunny said:

    I only follow football, as in the real football not american football

    inb4 wave of hate

    I played soccer with a guy who ended up a starting NFL QB. Granted we were in like 3rd, 4th, 5th grade at the time.

  • dragpresident.jpg

  • haha wb 🙂

  • Live the dream, one puppet at a time.

    What's up party people. I'm always watching you.

    From the street
    the bushes
    the roof
    outside.. your window now!


  • The Late Night Crew is FOREVER.

    Hello julian
    Hello psychobunny

    I'm amazed at how far NodeBB has come since my last visit to this planet. Good times, I'm happy to see this forums continued success! Well deserved.

    Now, for late night crew proper entertainment...... VITAS!

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