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    I really love the shoutbox plugin, however since it is not compaitble with the latest version of node bb.

    I was thinking how can we add ALL the forum users in a sort of Global Chat Room (a chat room made from the private chat) which only admins can make such a room.
    This room will serve like a public chat room/shoutbox for ALL THE FORUM users.

    How can we achieve this? Doing this will allow us to have all the amazing features the chat front is being worked on such as sending images etc.


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    How can we put the ability of quoting messages in shoutbox for answering more clearly, just a further feature by that pencil and recycle bin

    a great example would be skype


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    I feel like the chats can get a little crowded or awkward when they have more than just two people in them. It would be nice if chats with more than two people showed the name of the chatroom instead of the names of all participants.

    See this image

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    I am fairly sure this would be our no. 1 feature request as well. Group chats, without it .. it just feels like 2003 all over again. 👍

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    @frissdiegurke said:

    As plugin I'd like to be able to either get a list of activated plugins (maybe also version) or to send a request whether there is an activated plugin of given name (If you're aware of security issues 😛 )

    I think you can call Plugins.isActive to see if a specific plugin is activated. Otherwise you can query db.getSetMembers('plugins:active', callback) for the actual list