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    Two questions, are these features already available via some plugins or any chances of incorporating them?

    1. importing all the existing users and members from wordpress database to nodebb
    2. use nodebb as SSO for new registrations in wordpress so that members already registered via nodebb can automatically login to WordPress.

    These above two features combined with @bentael 's under construction wordpress import plugin, I guess, might become a complete package for integrating with existing wordpress blogs.

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    members already registered via nodebb can automatically login to WordPress.

    that's not an included feature? the idea discussed here is a solution to allow users already registered in WP to convert their passwords into NodeBB, as a 1 time thing.

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    Hmm that's also enough, because once the wordpress users have beennporyed to nodebb, wordpress can be closed for new registrations and nodebb can be used for that purpose.

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    @bentael so let me sum this up, the plugin will be able to

    1. Export wordpress posts in to a category in to nodebb
    2. Export the wordpress comments to their corresponding posts in nodebb
    3. Export the wordpress users to nodebb database
      Am I right?
      Also is this database dependent, like will this export be possible even if we are using mongodb as the nodebb database?
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    your summary sounds correct.

    And yes, the NodeBB database is independent, you can use MongoDB

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