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    Is it possible to implement a one click upgrade option in the account control panel itself in the 0.6 version, for updating to the latest versions. I could see this in the milestone list in the github repository @julian So is this feature confirmed?

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    Theoretically, yes, it is possible, however there are multiple ways of installing NodeBB, and it would be unwise to be ignorant and pretend that everybody uses git.

    Off the top of my head:

    • git (ideal method to install NodeBB)
    • .tar.gz/.zip download from GitHub
    • TerminalCloud has a one-click install image for NodeBB

    And potentially:

    • Packaging in npm repo
    • Packaging as .deb./.rpm
    • Image from Digital Ocean

    So many choices, hard to support them all 🙂

  • GNU/Linux

    @Technowix git is not installed everywhere

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    I would love an one click upgrade solution which doesn't use git in the background. git works flawlessly most of the time but in case something isn't right, it might take unexperienced users a lot of time to fix it (like me, even though I'm a developer, I never really used git).

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