Using Auto 301 Redirect after Renaming/ Updating the Existing Topic to New

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    Let me explain the case:
    User already created a topic and the moderator/ admin updates it; then the topic url is updated to new one.
    And when we go to old url topic, it lands in 404 error, but, ideally old url should automatically get redirected to new url.
    Need feedback on this...

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    Well due to this issue, when first url is not redirected, it gets indexed in search engine and after that old one results on 404 error page [ that is quite bad for any user ].

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    @ankitpr89 I understand this is a big issue for our forum but I am not sure if this issue is specific to us, lets first try resolve this by ourselves and then will take some help from NodeBB guys.

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    This is related to an issue resolved earlier.

    We found that if a topic's posts contained images pointing to a relative path (e.g. ![test](1.jpg), NodeBB would attempt to load them, causing them to load the entire topic again (since the url is

    To combat this, @baris restricted the URL so that the slug must be correct, otherwise the user is sent to 404.

    For lack of a better solution, this was the approach we took, so this seems to be the reason why you're running into this issue now.

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