How to publish nodebb plugin?

  • How can I publish a nodebb plugin that all administrators can search the plugin on ACP plugin manage page?
    For now the plugin can be installed via npm.

  • Make sure it conforms to the guidelines, the plugin should be nodebb-plugin-*plugin-name*.

    The ACP looks at npm to pull the list of available plugins, so if it's on npm, it should appear in the ACP. If not, you may be missing some required info in the plugin.json or package.json file. I'm not 100% on what it looks for, but taking a look at other plugins should help out. 🙂

  • Admin

    Just a minor correction -- the plugins list in NodeBB is refreshed periodically, although @psychobunny triggers the re-indexing whenever he feels like.

    Perhaps we should automate this process, or better yet, have the nbbpm search for new plugins periodically to be added to a queue to be approved by an admin?

  • @julian said:

    although @psychobunny triggers the re-indexing whenever he feels like.

    Human Cron job. 😆

    Thanks for the correction, I didn't know IT was a partially manual operation.

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    Also you can log-in with github here and enter your plugin name, but I have no clue if it also adds your plugin to the list available in ACP.

    @psychobunny "Confirm latest works with false" 😄

  • Admin

    haha, that thing broke a while ago, now I just update it every time we do a minor release. should look into it when I get the time

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