• Who are nodebb's target users??
    What I mean is is it amid at webmasters or the average forum owner who has very little/no coding knowledge?

    Because I think you have a real potential winner here because it's simple un -bloated, fast, clean and fun to use just needs a few more forum essentials to complete a great piece of software.
    But it is not easy to install and get working and I appreciate that for people who understand nodes, ubuntu etc it will be a piece of cake but for a lot of forum owners it could be a struggle to set up. I have done it and think it's running good now but I have had to be patient and persevere and a few times nearly gave up, I have all so tried to install Discourse but that was a even bigger struggle and I have given up.
    (might be a idea to have the option of resizing the editing window for long winded posts like this).
    Are you going to be able to code nodebb so that it can be a one click install or will it always have to be installed with multiple command line instructions? 1 click install will mean a lot more forum owners giving it a try and that must mean more income for you guys some where down the line (I hope anyway)
    Have you considered making it a paid for software not at the rates the big boys charge but maybe a small $30-$50 which could include install on owners server? 20 days support then your on you own sort of package?
    I know you are setting up a premium hosting service for the big forums but what about the small forums?
    Just some thoughts 馃檪

  • I agree. I am absolutely in love with this forum and would love using it to build my site community on, but unfortunately even the simpler-than-Discourse install is still a bit too much for me right now, not to mention customization.

  • @Apposl I would be happy to help you get it installed I think I have made all the mistakes a newbie can so hope fully be able to set you up, can't help on the customization side though.

  • I appreciate that a lot, @StuartH. I'm willing to learn but I am a single Dad, so... 馃檪

    Have a domain that does pretty well with people showing up looking to chat and I really wanted to offer an innovative and fun solution. Just handicapped by my own weak skills. I can tweak WordPress is all at this point.

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Who are nodebb's target users??
    What I mean is is it amid at webmasters or the average forum owner who has very little/no coding knowledge?

    Thanks for the comments from the both of you!

    NodeBB is targeted to all sorts of community owners, and we realise that it is still hard for those without a bit of technical background to get started. That is why we're launching our premium hosting option, so all users have to do is associate a credit card, and we do the rest.

    We take care of all of the technical aspects of starting up a NodeBB, from the install, through to the upgrades, daily/weekly backups, and more!

    If either of you are interested in starting up a NodeBB with us, give us a shout, and perhaps we can swing you some sort of introductory deal! 馃檪

  • GNU/Linux Admin


  • Hi @julian the p hosting site looks great, perhaps you could offer half hamlets to get people started 馃槃

  • I would be interested in a discounted hosting, what do you have in mind?

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Hey @stuartH, email us at [email protected] and we can go from there 馃檪

  • I would be also...

    If I may, also, respectfully... That 'other' board that NodeBB is a lot alike/better than!...has paid hosting that starts at $20...

    I reallyreally love Node, but comparing the numbers, paid packages/users allowed, etc... Favor kinda swings back to the Goliath, Discourse..

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    @Apposl, keep in mind DiscourseHosting is not run by Discourse (although I do see your point).

    NodeBB is almost our entire full time job. The folks (or person) behind DiscourseHosting probably has a full-time job and runs that site as a side-job.

    However, regarding pricing and features, we'll look into closing that gap if at all possible.

  • Admin

    Yup, keep in mind that Discourse is planning on releasing packages (when they do finally release I believe late next year) starting at $49.99.

    I feel like our plans are still pretty competitive considering these are the "official" hosting plans from the creators. If other people decide on creating their own hosting solution on NodeBB then they're totally welcome to - I'm sure they'll undercut us to provide competition.

    I think the difference is that since we wrote the software and we know what we're doing when it comes to it, there shouldn't be any excuses - we'll push the limit on giving you the value for your money!

    (and... as I should stress - NodeBB is always free if you wanted to host it yourself! 馃檪 )

  • Very valid points, gentlemen, thank you. 馃檪

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