Checking compatible plugin before can be actiavated

Feature Requests
  • When I upgrade from v0.5.0 to v0.5.2 I have realized that there are some plugins not compatible with new version and make the forum go into troubles.
    I had to turn off the plugins one by one to check if it's not compatible with the new version. This is very uncomfortable. Sometimes it's hard to figure out. Beside, some plugins are not in development, which is not receive any further update.
    I think we should have a new plugin system with some of these features:

    • Check the compatibility of the plugin.
    • Compare the current version with npmjs/github master version to check the updates.
    • Auto disable or make notification about the plugins when they're not compatible and has updates.

    By the way, I have figure out 2 plugins are not compatible with the new version:


    • This one makes you can't start the nodebb

    • This one makes your nodebb can't load all the files and can not run normally.

  • That would be great. " Last known working version of plugin " will be a great field to have.

  • This is detailed in gh#1342

  • @julian don't know why but I can't go into the site :

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