Rebasing after nodebb upgrades/updates [nodebb-theme-vanilla]

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  • I have a theme based off of the vanilla theme that ships with 0.5.0-4. It is not compatible with 0.5.1 due to the changes in some of the routes. I am beginning to think that using git pull --rebase might be an appropriate solution for myself and others that base their themes on vanilla.

    This would be the workflow:

    1. Clone nodebb-theme-vanilla <-- This would be our 'origin'
    2. Rename things to 'nodebb-theme-mytheme'
    3. Do mods as you see fit
    4. Git add/commit changes along the way
    5. nodebb-theme-vanilla gets updated (via nodebb itself getting updated)
    6. Run git pull --rebase to pull down new nodebb-theme-vanilla and replay changes

    So, my question is: Does this seem like a good way to go? What would be the advantages/disadvantages?

    This would work for lavender too...

    I'm just thinking this would work perfect for the theme I'm currently working on, but wanted to hear how others are maintaining their themes across updates with breaking changes?

  • If it works for you, keep it up.

    The semi-official way to do this is to fork the plugin you want to use, and make the appropriate changes.

    Then, add the original repo as an upstream branch (using lavender as an example):

    git remote add upstream

    When you want to update to the latest lavender for your theme, merge or rebase:

    git checkout master && git fetch upstream && git merge upstream/master

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