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  • I am trying to fully grasp the versioning system for nodebb and have a couple questions...

    1. Do versions get bumped every time a pull request gets merged?
    2. Is there a place on github I can look for current master version?

    I'm running 0.5.0-4, but noticed after a git pull my version went to 0.5.0. Having said that, the merge didn't work properly and I ended up just resetting the branch anyway, but I wanted to find out where I could follow the versions as merges happen...



  • I'm not very common with the NodeBB way of versioning, but it seems you can look up the releases here:

    As you can see 0.5.0 is more up-to-date than 0.5.0-4. I guess they just ment this as release candidate 4, etc. maybe @Developers should reconsider the version names in this case xD

    1. No, PRs get implemented into the master branch. Then periodically there's a feature freeze, at that point master is then the next version. (0.6 for example) and they work on fixing any bugs there, but continue to work on master, implementing the same bug fixes etc.

    2. the Nodebb github has a drop down up top that says branch, followed by the branch you're looking at. The main ones are currently 0.5.x and master.

    0.5.x is "stable"
    Master is the unstable branch.

    0.5.0-4 was for bug fixes for 0.5.0. The version then went back to 0.5.0 for some reason. 🙂

  • @frissdiegurke @a_5mith

    Ok, thanks. I just assumed master was stable and the branches were for dev, so I had cloned master locally and was pulling in changes to a local dev branch and pushing to master. Basically, I was doing the opposite of what the nodebb team does, so I was confusing myself.

    Thanks for the quick response!

    1. We tried pre-release versions (v0.5.0-1, etc) just to try it. It didn't work really well. People kept thinking we'd launched 0.5.0 when we hadn't 😁
    2. We'll probably stick to bumping patch versions periodically (0.5.0 to 0.5.1), instead of pre-release versions
    3. We don't follow the semver spec to the letter. NodeBB is still in flux, so the adage goes "below 1.0.0? anything goes", but we try to limit breaking changes to MINOR releases, which would be something like 0.5.1 -> 0.6.0
  • @julian, unless you're @Schamper - then the developers try to break your plugins on purpose with every release 😉

  • @Ted oh my plugins break often enough 😉

  • @Ted said:

    @julian, unless you're @Schamper - then the developers try to break your plugins on purpose with every release 😉


    @Schamper was one of the first few plugin developers we had in this community (probably worth a badge of some sort one day I'm sure). So I think half of his plugins were made back in the 0.3x ish days and that's why so many people have been running into issues with older versions of his stuff 😛

  • @psychobunny yeah I really ought to schedule some time to fix all my plugins 😛 And then some more time to work on plugin contest entries... Not enough hours in a day 😉

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