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  • Recently, I uploaded a preview of my forum migration process on facebook, received a couple of comments, one of which hits me the most..

    This is the image preview I uploaded:

    And the comments i received

    • -> are we able to make each column/section a different color? coz to me it still looks like a wall of text separated into 3 columns of more text hahahahaha

    Is it possible for me to customise the theme according to the comments? I kinda agree with the observation made. Can anybody guide me which file / area to change?

  • You can do this by adding a class to each category-item on home that includes the category id. Something like

    <div class="col-lg-4 col-md-6 col-xs-12 category-item category-class-{categories.cid}" data-cid="1" data-numrecentreplies="2" ></div>

    Then in you css you can give different colors to different category boxes.

    .category-class-1 {
  • Hi @baris, thanks for your quick reply^^

    Need you to hold my hands here,

    • Where do I add the ?
    <div class="col-lg-4 col-md-6 col-xs-12 category-item category-class-{categories.cid}" data-cid="1" data-numrecentreplies="2" ></div>
    • I assume adding the
    .category-class-1 {

    is inside NodeBB ACP -> Themes -> Customise -> Custom CSS ?

  • Yeah the css goes into custom css or your themes css.

    The html is just for your home.tpl. That is from lavender's home.tpl.

  • @baris
    Managed to find the following line

    <div class="<!-- IF categories.class -->{categories.class}<!-- ELSE -->col-md-3 col-sm-6 col-xs-12<!-- ENDIF categories.class --> category-item" data-cid="{categories.cid}" data-numRecentReplies="{categories.numRecentReplies}">



    So I proceed to change it to

    <div class="<!-- IF categories.class -->{categories.class}<!-- ELSE -->col-md-3 col-sm-6 col-xs-12<!-- ENDIF categories.class --> category-item category-class-{categories.cid}" data-cid="{categories.cid}" data-numRecentReplies="{categories.numRecentReplies}">


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    Second to this, but actually primary to everything, if truly embracing "columns" a la Harmony.

    Then we all should be thinking about breaking out features into the column area especially for composer.

    Then alternatively, you can have a feature like tags vertically display in the left column in line with the composer edge, what I'm talking about here would be better considered as Composer-columns that overlay (if that technically makes it easier or is more efficient).

    Bring/Give columns to composer. Space for breaking out features.

    IMHO this is a more correct justification for column layouts, to provision for many cool secondary features even for other aspects of NodeBB (again widget in the main columns, is in line with this thinking too) that enhance posting beyond what is typically found in forum platform software.

    Give composer wings! 💸

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    Been offline for a bit but it looks like this has been addressed. This has been fixed by @julian in commit d33d965 to nodebb-theme-persona and commit 9d202d9 to nodebb.

    Thanks Julian!

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    @Bret certainly wouldn't hurt to try 😄

    Back up your db though!

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    Hello NodeBB users. Since I've chosen NodeBB to replace my current free hosted and created forum I need to create the custom theme that will go with it.
    Since it's a graphic community we have some features needed and that's why I've taken a look at plugins and the API to see if NodeBB is ready to answer our problematic. Mostly it's the case and the modular aspect is very appreciable.

    So first question, how to do a child theme ? I've the quickstart theme and it seems that only importing the less of another theme do the job. (Vanilla in that case). But for instance if I want to use Lavander that is a lot more developed is that the same way ?
    Isn't that a bit ugly cause I assume it will be CSS replacement over imported CSS with new one too.
    Is there a best way to do it ?

    Is a theme capable of interacting on templates and add features to the control panel like a plugin. For instance I absolutely need the sub category feature, because my forum today use a structure like :

    Category Forum Sub forum Sub forum Archives (occasional)

    So there's at least 3 levels needed and I'll need to figure out if there's a way to do so since it doesn't seem implemented in the actual NodeBB version.

    Is it possible to add a new navigation, I think it's possible with a widget it doesn't seem like there's an existing one I might take a look on this.

    I think this is not theme related so I'll stop here but these are the direct questions I have.
    Also I doesn't seems that this forum have a support category, I think it could be nice to add one in order to filter actual themes from requests/question ect... (same for plugins).