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    Is mongodb running? If you set up mongodb with authentication credentials, are those credentials set up correctly in config.json ?

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    Hostgator should give you a command line. If they don't, then they will not work for NodeBB. Again, we recommend DigitalOcean to host your NodeBB, you'll get a month free just by registering with this link.

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    @henrywright that's because the commands changed recently.

    ./nodebb reset theme was valid at the time

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    @luke said:

    I only see a few actual themes there and most of them are sadly reskins or modifications of the base theme, with the exception of @trevor's magical wonderland.

    @a_5mith said:

    @luke yeah I'm not a fan of the bootstrap skins, the trouble with theming is once you've seen @trevor's theme, you just know it won't be quite as good. 😆

    Thank you guys so much, how flattering.

    @psychobunny said:

    Or you can do what @trevor did which was basically modify the Vanilla theme and learn everything from that repo itself.

    Yup, Vanilla based and my theme is still nodebb-theme-vanilla. I just never changed it, but I plan on changing it soon enough because of the npm and nodebb upgrade conflicts of overriding everything.

    Here's the process though... Interestingly enough I started by stripping out the things I'd prob never use in Bootstrap for a forum frontend (maybe backend but I stripped it out anyway).

    And worked my way from the center in an outward pattern. So this means I began customizing everything from inside the <div id="content" class="container">...</div> then the header and footer. 8-14 hours a day, at 500~ iterations a day (because sometimes when you don't have a plan, and its just you, you ask yourself "does this look right?"). I use the same template pattern but add or remove different things.

    I believe the LESS combined without including Bootstrap's Less and just my own custom one should be around 12,000 or so with about 2,000~ lines of code thats commented and commented out.

    I've started on a theme I will release for the community but I can't give an ETA on this because I am hammered with other things at the moment. I am still learning everyday new things about NodeBB and how far I can push its limits which almost seem endless.

  • Gizoogling for NodeBB

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    rofl. this is how I talk in real life, of course.