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  • I would really appreciate the ability to modify a user's group memberships from the user section of the ACP. It's a more straight-forward approach for me to say "this user should be a member of groups X, Y and Z" than to say "group X included users A, C, D, F, H and K." This is especially true when the groups get long. If modifying the group membership from this direction is difficult for some reason, it would get me more than half way there if I could just see them displayed in this manner.

    As an extension of this, I would also like to be able to add groups to groups (e.g., all senior members are members and all moderators are senior members and all administrators are moderators). I frequently find myself adding the same people to multiple groups when this would be a much simpler solution.

    Likewise, I would also really like the ability to view the category level permissions of a specific group from that group. Specifically, I would,like to be able to look at the members group and see that they are permitted too view and post in Categories X and Y but only read Category Z (etc.). Again, modification from this angle would be ideal, but just being able to see the information presented in this way would help.

  • Not exactly directly related, but I would also love to be able to give users moderator-level privileges to specific categories.

  • @Shaun said:

    Not exactly directly related, but I would also love to be able to give users moderator-level privileges to specific categories.

    You can go under categories, set up access control, and assign category moderators.

  • @Ted yeah, I found that in another thread about 15 minutes after I posted this, but thanks for enlightening me. I just assumed that this would be group based. I think NodeBB is suffering between a confusion between groups and roles (admin, moderator).

  • On the contrary, NodeBB has a strict separation between users, groups, and privileges 😄

    A user can be added to a group, and both users and groups can be assigned privileges, though I agree the system can be a little cumbersome at times.

  • That's not really true. Adding a user to the administrator group inherently gives them many privileges which cannot be controlled from the ACP, and yet there is no similar group for moderator privileges. "Administrator" is really a role, and not a group. So is "moderator."

    The system is quite cumbersome for a dynamic community. I have only four tiers of users and it's painful for me to keep track of who has privileges to do what. I realize I'm only one voice, but this seems to be in need of some serious attention to me.

  • Making them an admin, makes them an admin. If they have fewer permissions then they're not an admin. The permission system isn't quite as in depth as other forum software, but it works for the majority of use cases. Admin, moderators, done.

    What is a "dynamic" community? Seems like a buzzword for "moderators coming and going". Your use case may be slightly different from a "traditional" forum. That doesn't mean it's lacking, it just doesn't suit your use case yet. If enough people have the same issues, it will be looked into. 👍

  • By "dynamic" I mean any environment where these kinds of privileges may be changing frequently. It's not just about moderation, it's about their roles in general (reading and posting privileges). And I understand what an administrator is, but that's not a clean separation. Admin and moderator are roles (not specific, granular privileges) and in one case represented as a group and in another represented as a privilege.

    It's not that NodeBB doesn't suit my use case. After finding the moderator option, I can pretty much do what I want to do. It's about the spaghetti process it took to get there. I'd just like to see this be simplified and presented in a more coherent manner.

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