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  • Curious what people are doing for searching within the forums. There are some great, auto-suggest options/themes out there and I feel like a good search would be great with this.

    Also, Discourse has this really cool reply-to-topic via email feature, when you're receiving email notifications of posts you have replied to? It's super convenient. Maybe not so great for web site hits, but I love it.

    Just two thoughts. I have a ton. I don't want to sound too critical of something I'm actually loving. I don't know 100% if I can make it work for what I'd planned...but it's still such a pretty option.

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Thanks @ne1up, we really want the user experience to be ideal for NodeBB.

    We have built-in search for NodeBB, and it works by searching phonetically. Hit the search button at the top and give it a spin!

    Edit: inb4 @psychobunny

  • Admin

    yup 🙂 we're super open to any ideas - we can't promise you on when we can build them by but we want this to be the best forum experience ever!

  • Oh wow there is a search button. Maybe I should look around more before I start suggesting things. 😉

    (What about some sort've notification that this had 3 replies? I see a glowing thing...gonna reply and go click that)


  • Oh very cool, that glowing button is the alert. OK I'm getting it. 🙂 Very impressive work, gentlemen.

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