My Theme isn't showing up correctly.

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    I just installed Nodebb .5 to play around with it. I went and installed and enabled nodebb-theme-classic from the plugins. Then I set that as my theme. I restarted NodeBB and now my theme seems to lack most styling.

    I tried changing the theme back to Vanilla and Lavender, but it doesn't seem to switch back. I tried clearing my cache 5 times. And I tried restarting NodeBB even more than that. Nothing seems to work.

    I do see this error though in the console. Any ideas?

    Uncaught ReferenceError: Config is not defined utils.js?v0.5.0-2:97


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    @HolyPhoenix Run ./nodebb reset theme (or themes) from the terminal. Should put you back on Vanilla, have you got any custom CSS in your ACP? If that's broken, it can stop the page from displaying correctly, before resetting the theme, could be worth checking the Custom CSS.

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    Nope, no custom styling at all. Those are all blank and the checkboxes unchecked for using custom styling.

    After the reset, it did change it back to vanilla. But Vanilla is missing styling now.


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    It was a plugin. Not sure which since I disabled a bunch of them. I'll reply to that plugins topic if I can figure it out.

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    I updated the Classic theme just in case 🙂

    Edit: can you copy and paste the list of plugins that you have installed here? Maybe we can figure out which one is causing the issue.

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