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    After upgrading to 0.5.0-1 and installing a number of plugins, it appears that I have successfully broken the forum.

    The plugins that I installed include nodebb-plugin-custom-homepage and nodebb-plugin-custom-pages, which I have run into issues with before.

    The errors that I get are Cannot GET / and Cannot GET /admin/index when trying to access the site and the admin page, respectively.

    @psychobunny since these are your plugins, mind giving me a hand?

    Edit: the specific error that I am getting that could be the issue (?) is

    The 'action:app.load' hook is deprecated in favour of 'static:app.load', please notifify the developers of the following plugins: * nodebb-plugin-custom-homepage

    Edit 2: It is in fact not either nodebb-plugin-custom-homepage or nodebb-plugin-custom-pages but is nodebb-plugin-eve which is causing the issue. So, @Schamper if you could have a look at the plugin again I'd appreciate it as this is a very big issue for a plugin to cause.

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    Ha, seems @julian wasn't kidding when he said that 0.5 would break some plugins - then again, it's not stable yet.

    Do you have any specific errors regarding his plugin (disregarding the Cannot GET)? In other words, is node providing you with any information on what is causing the issue, similar to the message you supplied to psychobunny?

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    As far as I know, no obvious reason why 0.5.0 would break the eve plugin as that plugin was built very recently 😕

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    I think it might have been happening before 0.5.0

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    All good now? 😄

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    Not yet, still getting the same error.

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