New users on my forum are "undefined"

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    Not sure what's going on here, but user sign up is borked for me, I just created a test account to test if + was allowed in the email field, and I've just noticed that all users come in as username "undefined".

    This site is fine, so I don't know what's going on. (Sorrytesting was me. 😆)

    nodebb log shows warn: [plugins/spam-be-gone] username:thisisatest was not found in Honeypot database. Which is always good, but doesn't tell me why the username is tripping to undefined, and, apparently, not being saved?

    Not sure if you can see them or if they vanish. - Clicking on any of them just takes you to the latest undefined user, trying to log in again after just gives incorrect password. Interestingly when the account I created these accounts, I was sent straight to my profile. (If I edit the username, it's fine (ausername is one example)


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    Coincidentally I saw an undefined user on here the other day too.


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    Seems this may be fixed if I do a git pull...

    Edit: It was. 🙂 Solved.

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    Yeah, some blind fixing for gh#1741 caused this to happen, but to be honest, that bug was kind of hard to reproduce, so that side effect cropped in 😄

    No clue how to handle the existing users with "undefined" as their username... hm

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