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    So I've got my forum running, and nginx set up as a proxy. Now I want to deny access to ports 80 and 4567 on my server through its IP address, so people can only visit my forum through, instead of through 123.456.789.101:80 and 123.456.789.101:4567 as well.

    Is there an nginx config I could use that will do that?

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    @luke Visiting IP:80 should return you to IP (without port) as that's what your nginx config tells it to do. (listen 80 { server block } etc etc)

    I've never tried it, but you could probably add a listener on port 4567 as well as 80. However I don't know if this would affect how listen 80 would reverse proxy your site to 4567, if 4567 is redirecting back to <IP address>

    If I'm not mistaken, IP:80 and IP:4567 will all be identical anyway. As is my understanding.

    EDIT: Bug report, FPT and Y all overlap the colon symbol with no spaces.


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    So there isn't a way to make nginx monitor listen for requests on and and block those requests or redirect them to my domain?

    Not seeing a bug btw.

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    Take a look at this article:

    Adding a new server block with your IP address in the server_name field should catch those...:

    server {
      listen 80;
      listen 4567;
      server_name 123.456.789.101;
      return 301;

    I apologise in advance for my most likely not working nginx code 😆

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