John O'Nolan ( on this week's Binpress Podcast

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    Direct SoundCloud link

    I follow Ghost's development here and there, and the founder of Ghost, John O'Nolan, was the guest on a podcast by Binpress. 😄

    We use Ghost in our blog platform, and someday, we hope to have the Ghost team switch over their forum to NodeBB 😉

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    Cheers to that, hopefully someday soon! :)

  • Interesting listen... Took me a few minutes to work out he was British. His accent fluctuates, good to see they've got a marketplace up and running now though for people to really customise their blogs. 👍

    @julian someone should make a soundcloud plugin 😆

    EDIT: They should have normalised the volume, didn't realise quite how high I had the sound on my headphones, just got a notification on NodeBB....... The pain.

    Now I see why you posted this. 😆

  • @a_5mith Thanks for noticing the sound issue! I didn't realize there was a problem. I had bumped up the audio, but it turns out the normalization thought it was too loud... and made it softer. (At least that's my understanding of the issue.)

    I tweaked some levels and uploaded new files, so it should be better for future listeners.

  • @alexissantos Not a problem. 👍 Normalis(z)ation likes to work both ways. 😆

  • Replace, "Khaaaaaaaaan!" with "Normalizatioooooon!," and you'll know how I feel.

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    Hey @alexissantos, nice to see you here. Any chance we can get you to dump Disqus and use NodeBB as comments? 😄

    Edit: @a_5mith How dare you spell normalisation with a z. We speak the Queen's English here, ya yank.

    Edit 2: Uh-oh, he's actually from across the pond.

  • It's a possibility, haha. I'm not familiar with the Binpress stack, but I can find out what it looks like...

    That said, if we need a forum... I know where to go.

    PS If I need a forum for a personal project, I'd likely go with NodeBB -- even though I usually wield Python/Django.

    PPS Yes, I'm the terrible yank who uses ZEDS everywhere!

  • Interesting. Their forum is very clean. Are they using their own code?

    NodeBB is pretty fascinating, I'm glad I found you. I have a couple big forums stuck on vBulletin and I'm trying to figure out how to modernize. Deep diving on Discourse and you.

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