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  • Is there some sort of indicator that lets me know that the current topic I'm in is being watched(By myself). When I click the Heart and click watch, they eye symbol remains the same. I do receive a notification which confirms that I'm watching the topic. However, is there a list somewhere of my watched topics? Also, the eye symbol should look like a closed eye icon when not being watched, and then an open eye when a user has started watching the topic.

  • A admin watched topics list would be nice. Also to unwatch old subscriptions.

  • is there a list somewhere of my watched topics

    Your other points are valid and I'll look into this for the next theme

    Also to unwatch old subscriptions

    Yeah makes sense. Need to have an unfollow button adjacent to list above

  • We need a way to control what goes into the notifications / alerts. On our forum we are all flooded with stuff there to a point where it doesn't serve any purpose. We don't have any way to see threads that we are involved in getting responses or people trying to reach us from the volume of unimportant data alerting through the same channel.

    In additional unread, recent, etc. There needs to be something reporting on the activity in threads we are interested in. Even better would be alerts via email. Over on everyone is clamoring for that one.

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