Feature Requests
  • Had a thought for the people that want to have 1 large category for their forum. Rather than putting all topics into one category, how's about a category/all, which would just collate all topics onto one page, this way you could set that as the forum homepage somehow and still have the New Topic button etc. Effectively missing the "HomePage" completely.

  • Isn't that technically speaking the /recent page? You could add a new topic button there, and then make it the homepage with some minor tweaks of the routes

  • @psychobunny Technically speaking yes it is, but it only goes back a month.

  • Would like to see this as well, it's something I've requested before.

    I believe it promotes more activity due to the topics all being on the homepage, and it also promotes new discussions with the "Start New Topic" button on the homepage.

    This is also the way Discourse and Vanilla have their software set up.

  • I actually mentioned a workaround for this in that topic, but, workarounds are only good for some people, others may just want to tick a setting and be away. Not read through documentation on creating widgets that allow them to add 8-9 lines of script to get a button that will only post in one category.

    Think Wordpress and allowing people to show posts on the homepage, or specify a custom homepage, that sort of thing would be nice, certainly more user friendly than hacking routes and not being able to update to latest. 😆

  • Yeah, I'd much rather have this as a core option than have everything potentially break every time I update NodeBB.

  • I've got some code that creates a button that has a dropdown to choose a category to post in.. again it would require you to paste it into a widget (or directly into your current theme)

    I'll release it soon, its part of the new theme I'm working on 🙂

  • @psychobunny sounds good, I've finally got around to looking at theming, got a great (probably) idea for a theme. 😆

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