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  • Looks better without nowrap imoooo. Then drop the padding from 0.6em top to 0.


    In fact while on the topic of language support, perhaps a general "Language Specific Support" forum would be good, then tag what language the support is for.

    Simple Machines throws everything into Child Boards, but as we don't have that, tags may work just as well, if not better.

  • @a_5mith Hey, and thanks 😄

    I believe @baris took a look at it already, but not sure if pushed already? In any case... re: language specific help forums... starting with Chinese is sort of an experiment. I definitely don't want to have lots of different language boards that are abandoned. As long as I have at least 3-4 people active and able to help, then we can maintain the kind of quality support we have in English. That's my main concern.

    ... that, and if I add a category for every language, the home screen will get all sorts of cluttered 😄

  • @julian I think the abandonment will be an issue either way with non english support forums, if someone wants to use NodeBB, but needs support, you need someone that:

    1. Speaks their language
    2. Understands NodeBB enough or can atleast can translate their issue into English.

    Having a category for every language wouldn't be good. 😆 Hence why I mentioned just having a "non english support" category, and using tags for the language.

    But having said this, if NodeBB has been translated into X languages, it's likely support will be needed at some point for one of those languages. Maybe not often, but, eventually. 👍

  • ... that, and if I add a category for every language, the home screen will get all sorts of cluttered

    haha, inb4 subforums

  • @psychobunny Well, since you mentioned it 😉

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