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  • I've just set up NodeBB for a private forum for a small gaming community. We have quite a lot of info in shared Google docs which I'd like to be able to put on the new forum, but I don't want it all to be publicly visible to the whole world.

    Any plans to allow us to create private categories which can only be viewed by logged-in users? Or alternatively, a simple toggle switch to make an entire forum private would be good.

    In addition to this, I guess we would also have to be able to lock down user registrations in some way (so that new users require approval before they can log in).

  • Hey @itsmartin, we've had requests for this sort of feature for awhile now, so it is on the list of features to be implemented.

    As you can see, it's a bit old, so it's of lower priority, but we're hoping to get it in for the release after next (0.1.1).

  • Thanks @julian. I might investigate whether I can achieve what I'm aiming for with a plugin in the meantime.

  • @itsmartin, i've been working on a similar work around (to have complete access only for a logged in user).

    Im thinking of moving most of the functions within 'webserver.js' to 'websockets.js' so the body templates will be served via web sockets.

    within 'websocket.js', uid identifies if the currently connected socket (user) is logged in.

    @Julian, do you see any issues re-implementing the majority of the ajax functions in websockets? it could possibly have less overhead as a side effect.

  • temporary fix:

    within websockets.js add the following code inside the if(uid) block (inside io.socket.connect):

    if(!global.socketlogin) global.socketlogin = {};
    global.socketlogin[sessionID] = uid;

    then after an ajax call ( app.get ) in webserver.js for example,


    will show if the current user is logged in.

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