Has anyone seen medium.com?

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  • It looks pretty interesting. medium.com

  • I personally don't like it. I've read some good articles on there, but a lot of bad ones as well. Seems more of a soapbox platform than a blogging platform.

  • Hadnt actually read any of the articles. Just admiring the design. Its a forum at the root of it. Many good solutions to design problems.

    Its a website that is banking on free content, like every place, but it wants users to write excellent posts and by design the website attempts to compel you through gamification. It also compells users to help the better articles trickle to the top....

    I just tried to get through an article off of their top 100 and see what you mean. Total lame soap box. No quality at all. Since that defeats the point of the design, how did the design fail?

  • I personally don't browse Medium. I indirectly use a third-party to stumble upon "good" articles when they show up on Reddit.

    The design is reminiscent of Majestic... or should I say, the other way around 😉

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