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    Well here goes.

    I've been trying for a number of hours now to proxy a domain name to NodeBB's port in a runtime environment that can be summed up as a clusterfrack for development. It's a CentOS server running Plesk, and has proven to be more difficult than it deserves to be.

    I have the following .conf in place:

    <VirtualHost my-ip-here:80 >
    ServerName mysite.com
    ServerAlias www.mysite.com
    ServerAlias ipv4.mysite.com
    ProxyRequests on
    ProxyPass / http://mysite.com:4567/
    ProxyPassReverse / http://mysite.com:4567/

    Which does work, it leads me to the NodeBB install, however, it is completely rank with strange errors and bugs. First, the homepage doesn't load, then the copyright / footer.tpl loads three times, then the container doesn't fit properly onto the page (too compressed), among a whole whack of page loading issues.

    I'm asking whether someone has a better set up for proxying a url to the NodeBB install or if they have any answers as to why it is so buggy now that I've finally got this semi-working.

  • What's the URL so we can have a look?

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  • Right now, I'm using NodeBB with Nginx but I've used Node.js apps before with apache and have no problem with proxy module.
    I've checked the address you've posted. It seems OK and I don't see any problem. No repeating footer or any other issue. Can you recheck with another browser?
    Edit: P.S: It seems a little slow. Content loads somehow slow. Header loads fast first but it take about 10 seconds for content.

  • This is the error that I'm getting when visiting the site.

    WebSocket connection to 'ws://stockrender.com/socket.io/1/websocket/24xM8TQDbKdavowyrhFn' failed: Error during WebSocket handshake: Unexpected response code: 500 

    Are you using Apache? Either way, your server configuration needs a bit of tweaking because it fails on first load but when you stay on the site it reconnects.

  • Have a look here, hopefully that helps you out?

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    @psychobunny It doesn't help me out a lot. I think the issue is that the server is running Plesk.

    Edit: tried the same thing with a server running cPanel, must have something to do with the way they govern Apache somehow. Or it could be the fact that I'm running CentOS.

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    So does anyone have any experience running these types of things in an environment with Plesk/cPanel? I could really use a hand right now as this problem is being pervasive.

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