Users shouldn't be able to purge their posts.

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    Probably more a personal preference here, but I think only admins should be able to actually purge a post. 🙂

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    Agreed. I've had problems with other software where users would get mad, leave, and delete their content or edit their posts and make them blank.

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    Editing posts I can deal with, but I've got a user being a spoilt child at the minute (he's 25), every time someone replies to his posts, he's purging his post. Makes for really awkward reading. 😆

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    Man you've got some weird users 😛

    Yeah I would agree, maybe at the very least you should not be able to purge (or even delete) an OP after people have replied

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    @psychobunny Tell me about it. 😆

    Doesn't even have to be the OP, I have no problem with a user deleting their post, but purging should be left to admins and mods. In fact now that you mention it, when you're OP, you get the Thread Tools option to delete the topic, however if you delete the OP post, the topic still exists, but is empty. I recall a discussion on that before, not sure what happened to it.

    Oh I've had another feature request. An ignore user feature. So they can ignore the guy mentioned in my previous post mainly. 😆

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    Sounds like you need a hellban plugin as well @a_5mith 😉

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    @luke Absolutely, won't lie, I actually thought that was just "a good ignore system" 😆

    Didn't know there was a name for it.

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    @a_5mith It's probably the best ignore system ever invented for a community, and if you're interested in psychology it can be fun if they descend into raving madness, trying to get people to reply to them, or just slowly stop interacting with the community.

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    @luke Only problem I've found with them is they usually only work if you're logged in. Having said this, I've only ever used it once.

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    To the top! 😆

    I could probably do this myself by wrapping the purge portion in some sort of IF statement. Where do I find a full list of the <!-- IF isAdmin --> or <!-- IF isModerator --> etc?

    I assume altering this line would hide it from the thread tools drop down. And then altering this one too will do what I need?

  • NodeBB

    Hmm I don't think we expose isAdmin and isModerator globally to the templates so that you can them everywhere. Maybe we should, everything in the config object is exposed so if you open your console and type config any variable you see under that object you can use in the templates. You can also take a look at the routes by prepending api to the url like you can use stuff from there in the template as well.

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