Modifying styles in /public/templates? Don't.

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  • Re: @Tanner, who said via IRC:

    <Paaltomo> wow
    <Paaltomo> I can't believe it
    <Paaltomo> but I can't override this css for the life of me
    <Paaltomo> #fade-out
    <Paaltomo> or .fade-out w/e
    <Paaltomo> why the hell are you so difficult
    <Paaltomo> and why do none of my changes stick in /public/templates?
    <Paaltomo> after a restart?

    No, you can't modify CSS in /public/templates, as the .tpl files in each theme are re-read and copied into /public/templates every time NodeBB restarts -- any changes made to /public/templates will be overwritten!.

    You'll want to edit the .tpl files in nodebb-theme-vanilla or nodebb-theme-lavender instead.

    Additionally, Lavender doesn't contain all of the templates, as it is a child-theme of Vanilla, so modifying some of the templates in vanilla will mean they will also show in Lavender.

    Your best bet is still just forking a theme and making your own changes. Directly modifying the files is not recommended 😄

  • @julian Thanks for the response 🙂

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