Mouse Travel and Drop down menu UI

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  • Hey @Schamper, re: your cards plugin, have you noticed that if you're too slow with the mouse, the tooltip goes away?

    For example, in the above toolip, if I want to go to the "chat" button, my mouse travels diagonally from my circle avatar to the chat bubble icon. However, in doing so, I exit the cards container, and if I do not re-enter it quickly enough, bye bye tooltip! 😄

    The workaround, of course, is to clunkily fix my mouse path to go straight up into the box, make a 90 degree turn, and travel across to the chat icon. (Obligatory shoutout to @a_5mith: Yes, I feel the need to start a chat with myself)

    It reminds me of this article I read last year about how Amazon tackled this problem:

    But hell, even without going through those shenanigans, you can probably just extend the popover container down a bit... possibly...

  • @julian I'll take a look at it when I get the chance. You're going pretty slow though, if you ask me, if you manage to let the tooltip disappear before you reach it (im) 😉

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