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    @gotwf promotions it's not "junk" that's why "not spam" button is not an option
    Maybe someone how use gmail gets notifications from this community to other folders?

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    @pasib -- sorry to hear about that! Yes, npm or yarn will sometimes clobber anything inside node_modules/. Never do anything in that directory as it is considered transient!

    Look into npm link or yarn link, and develop your theme elsewhere. Then you can use those tools to "link" the theme into the node_modules/ folder, and it will be safe from deletion. Sometimes the link itself will be deleted, but that is trivial to put back in.

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    I see that I had to execute ./nodebb build in the container. I am guessing that it is because after removing the container, the build directory was gone and needed to be rebuilt, which tells me I have to put a build command on every container startup. This is not very optimal. I am hoping at some point in the future we can have a more hands-off docker-friendly deployment (like with env vars and all).

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    Ok, Thanks 🙂

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    So, I started uploading files in the public/uploads/file via scp.
    The topic I created/create with the write-api have as content more or less only a link with code:
    [file-to-download's name](/uploads/files/timestamp-File-To-Download-s-Name).

    The link in the first topics works perfectly, but in the latest 4/5 topic (and in the new ones I create) the link, when clicked, change automatically to lowercase, resulting in an error "Not Found". But if I copy the link from the HTML (where is not lowercase), it does download the file.

    What can be? That changes those links?