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  • I was looking around the docs and didn't notice anything specific on Backups and Recovery. Did I miss something?

    NodeBB Secret. If I'm trying to Restore a backup, should I use the same Secret key?

    *EDIT. I just performed a simple backup and restore. I cloned dump.rdb into my new server along with /public/uploads/ . I tried the to replace the default redis configuration from nodebb with the backup dump while redis was running to no avail. I shutdown redis, swapped the file out(/var/lib/redis/dump.rdb), restarted it and everything is working. I also used the same NodeBB secret for my new installation. I didn't want to risk something breaking in the process.

  • @dylenbrivera The NodeBB secret key is not used for password storage/retrieval, it is only used when encrypting session cookies. So changing the secret only really means everybody gets logged out 🙂

    As for redis, yes, you need to shut down redis first. When Redis shuts down, it writes the contents of its database (that's currently in memory) to the dump file. So if you've replaced the dump file and then shut down redis, it will just overwrite your dump file with its own.

  • @julian, thanks for elaborating. Makes a lot of sense now.

  • Also, I must add. This is the smoothest backup experience I've ever had. It's literally a db dump and a single directory. Insanely quick! Love it!

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