How did you learn JavaScript?

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    I'm trying to get a general idea of people's background in JS. I'm totally new to it, I've only dabbled in JS files for quick editing. I feel it's the one language I want to fully understand and learn.

    Would you recommend Treehouse or any other online program? Unfortunately my college has no classes for it and the classes I have taken have been outdated.

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    We all learned javascript by doing, there's simply no other way to do it. Taking courses and reading books are good steps to guide you on the path to learning a programming language, but they are not a substitute.

    As for what I'd recommend? I'd recommend sending pull requests to the NodeBB codebase 😆

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    Had half a year to waste because it was too late to switch school level (I'm not even going to bother trying to translate this into weird USA school terms :P), I already knew quite a bit of MIPS (PSP hacking) by then, and wanted to try something else.

    Don't know why I chose JavaScript, just did. Started with w3schools (ikr), eventually just learned by doing, doing and more doing. Along the way of doing I of course read the occasional article, "guide", best practices, documentations etc. No books and courses though.

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