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  • If the user hasn't confirmed their email, and they say that they've never received a confirmation email, can we resend a confirmation email from ACP? I believe this will come in handy.
    Also, as admin. When I enabled "require email confirmation", I myself as the admin was unable to post because I was not confirmed(I never received an email and emailer is configured properly). Bug? If so please move over to bugs.

  • @dylenbrivera

    Basically with email confirm checked, inside user/edit is a button to resend the email.

  • I have asked the same question.

    The resend function is hided too deep. I looked a few minutes to finger it out even after I know where I should goto.
    Maybe we should give user more detail information when he didn't confirm email.

  • Also, I did find it logged in as the user. However I was speaking on behalf of admins. For example if a user messages an admin and says "I never received a confirmation email", admins should have the ability to resend confirmation emails directly from ACP instead of directing the user to where they can find it. Having to direct users to where it may be found can be a hassle. I'd rather just find the user in ACP, and resend it myself as admin. Anyone else agree?

  • It does seem like it would be better to expose the ability to resend the confirmation email from the ACP...

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