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    Thank you for the explanation. I will probably use a third-party database (firebase) for payments.
    Using firebase, different operations can be done on the client side, without disturbing the main server. I think this is very useful for a smoother user experience.

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    @phit that error should be fixed now. Try it out.

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    My fault , thought it was in /recent
    šŸ˜¦ šŸ˜¦

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    Thanks for the fast answers.

    I will revoke the post and reply attribute from the registered-users group and create a new group with post and reply permission, where I add users based on some rules.

    Problem is solved šŸ™‚

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    I know I made a promise to have the 0.5.x branch last more than 2 releases, but we added more breaking changes again, and 0.5.0 hasn't even been released yet šŸ˜†

    In any case, for those plugin developers who are interested:

    Notification pushed action hook (action:notification.pushed) incoming data has changed: From: An object containing the notification data To: This object -- {notification: notification, uids: uids});

    As always, this list will be updated as new breaking changes are added. In the case of this list -- don't commit and publish your change to npm yet, as 0.6.0 has not launched. We recommend you maintain these changes in a separate branch until then.