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    If you put a canvas element with a specific ID in a widget you should be able to check it's existence with $('#idofcanvas').length if it only appears on one category then the check will return false on all other pages.

  • ChatGpt plugin widgets

    Feature Requests
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    Today Openai public the api for chatGpt to use, can nodebb support such widgets that let user put the conversation bar anywhere?(just put the token from opena at backend.I think this will be more useful ! fantastic

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    Right now only few pages show in the widget. If we can also have all pages like /recent , /popular /notifcations etc all in widgets, then we can add content in header, side bars and footers of these individual pages.

    Any ideas how to show all pages in widgets for easy dev?


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    I want you to add in all the widgets an extra option besides "hide from anonymous users" and "hide from registered users" ->

    "Hide from unverified users"

    I think it's so obvious that it doesn't really need explaining why.

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    Like that except in a widget, just like you have "active users" widget for each category.

    Useful mainly for gaming and such, so you can list different teams on your homepage.

    I also found a bug in the current version, you hover over a user in a widget. it pops up "Chas", you then navigate to any other page and go back. The Hover/popup of the user stops working. //lavender theme