Please suggest good way to setup

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  • I want to host a nodebb forum. Also would like to have a local installation to tinker with the codebase.

    • hosting / server

    What is a good way to host?

    Intending to go with postgres. Is there and cons (and pros?) compared to mongo?

    Should I go for dockerized / serverless hosting or the old style VM approach? How is the support for serverless installation?

    • local setup

    Again thinking to go with postgres, is there any (de)merit compared to mongo?

    Any good practices to consider for local development? I was suggested podman to use for local development. Is it worth using?

  • according to their documentation nodebb only supports mongodb or redis.

    nodebb is easy enough without docker, just need nodejs and the db, and use the cli ./nodebb start ./nodebb stop etc.

    i use a oneshot systemd service to start it at boot:

    [Unit] nodebb
    ExecStart=/srv/mppc/forum/nodebb start
    ExecStop=/srv/mppc/forum/nodebb stop

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