Nodebb in tor works!

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  • Re: Running nodebb in tor
    As far as i can see everything works fine.

  • Great to hear that all is well 🙂

  • I'm create a NodeBB community mirror 🌴 in onion for the test, not bad, but in console have more errors when open /recent or /category pages with topics list.

    TypeError: obj is undefined
        getSafeMethod moz-extension://4ba86e3a-159e-2d43-8dac-c9b075149702/nscl/content/patchWindow.js:230
        patch moz-extension://4ba86e3a-159e-2d43-8dac-c9b075149702/nscl/content/media.js:90
        mozPatch moz-extension://4ba86e3a-159e-2d43-8dac-c9b075149702/nscl/content/media.js:97
        modifyWindow moz-extension://4ba86e3a-159e-2d43-8dac-c9b075149702/nscl/content/patchWindow.js:263
        patchAll moz-extension://4ba86e3a-159e-2d43-8dac-c9b075149702/nscl/content/patchWindow.js:296
     Patching frames[0] patchWindow.js:298:19
    TypeError: win[(("HTML" + (intermediate value)) + "Element")] is undefined
        modifyFramingElements moz-extension://4ba86e3a-159e-2d43-8dac-c9b075149702/nscl/content/patchWindow.js:288
        modifyWindow moz-extension://4ba86e3a-159e-2d43-8dac-c9b075149702/nscl/content/patchWindow.js:265
        patchAll moz-extension://4ba86e3a-159e-2d43-8dac-c9b075149702/nscl/content/patchWindow.js:296
     Patching frames[0]

    and alert about html5 canvas image data

    Setting in Tor
    SL: Safer
    NoScript: blocked 0


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  • @brazzerstop said in Nodebb in tor works!:


    Cool, at least now somebody can reproduce bugs which i get with latest's version. 😉
    How do you configure the

    Show me your config.json ,

    this what i have in my ( some data omitted for anonimity concerns)

    "url": "http://pathtomyonion.onion",
        "secret": "secret",

    I dont run nginx , should it try to do it?

  • For some strange reasons, your brazzerstop onion generates csrf tokens and my not , what i am doing wrong?
    Ok, now i have nginx installed with the same issuer and my SSL certificate works in my nginx , but this is already overkill.
    I have no clue what do next, maybe my torrc must be adjusted for i dont know.
    I assume my tor configuration wont put trough the sock requests.
    I need help, somebody should me explain how to enable csrf an why unable to connect?

  • Version 3.1.4 works!

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