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  • Hi,

    i am currently trying to get Nodebb running on a server. I am following this guide.
    guide from another nodebb user

    However when doing the last step i get this error.

    C:\nginx>nginx -s reload
    nginx: [error] CreateFile() "C:\nginx/logs/" failed (2: the system cant find the file)

    Since i had a similar error when setting up nodebb i am curios what causes this.
    Actually, i still get this error (Process "20576" from pidfile not found, deleting pidfile) every time when i start nodebb locally, but it works properly from what i can say.

  • Can't speak to nginx, but for NodeBB...

    When you start NodeBB via the loader (e.g. ./nodebb start), it saves the process id of the running application in a file called pidfile.

    If those commands are called again, and but the id in that file doesn't correspond to an actual NodeBB process, then that means that NodeBB lost the association. It could mean a lot of things... for example, if the process died some other way (e.g. killed via task manager, OOM, etc.)

  • thank you for your answer @julian. Two questions:

    • is it a critical error
    • do i need to fix it before i can launch
  • Not really, no... It just means that you might have a running NodeBB instance you can't stop (short of running something like kill)

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