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  • Hi,

    on my android device I cannot upload images or files to a post. I can choose images or files but nothing is embedded or attached after that. I'm using Slick theme. Can someone here confirm this issue?

    Also in chats I cannot drag and drop images. If I do so only the image path as a String is the result. For mobile there seems to be no possibility to upload images. Drag and drop seems to be a Desktop feature?


    Best regards

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  • Mobile will have a upload button in then next release.

    I can't reproduce your other issue. Does it happen on this forum or only on slick theme? Does it work when you switch to persona?

  • Hi @baris

    Thanks for adding upload feature in next Release.

    Regarding the other issues: I have the same problem with uploading on mobile here too. If I try to upload an Image to a post on mobile the post content remains empty. It's definitley related to my device.

    The Drag & Drop upload function is working here and on Persona. On Slick only the image path is pasted into the chat message. Post upload with drag and drop is working.

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