Can't login with normal user

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  • Hi, I have set up the master branch of nodebb with nodebb-plugin-session-sharing plugin installed for sso. I can easily log in with the admin user which I created during setup. but when I use the registration form of nodebb create a user, then try to log in with it. It doesn't work. Actually, it shows login successfully but I can still see the login and registration buttons and can't create any posts.

    Screenshot 2023-01-24 at 6.21.40 PM.png


  • What do the logs say? In development mode, session sharing should output something that starts with

    [session-sharing] Processing login for uid ...

    If you don't see that, then the cookie didn't verify, potentially.

    Also, if the unique ID you passed in no longer resolves to an active user, the login might also fail. Check the appId:uid (or replace appId as needed) sorted set to see if there is an outdated entry in there.

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