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  • @baris This is what fixed ma' problem https://community.nodebb.org/post/93738

    I ran the upgrade again and everything is as it should be as far as I can see.

  • @baris Is I suppose to see a checkbox ☑ in every listed post as an admin or moderator, i.e. is always on in the UI for these users types?

  • Can you share a screenshot? Posts aren't supposed to have a checkbox AFAIK.

  • @baris @omega this happens on my forum also


  • Oh that's by design, harmony let's you select topics with those checkboxes.

  • @baris ...ah, "by design" can it be un-designed 😉

    I can see what you are doing here, or it looks like you are trying to make something very clear to avoid confusion, "how does one select posts" to apply topic tools action to etc. etc.

    The old click the avatar confusion of the past (which I found rather a neat approach once you knew it) iirc there might have been some topic on that recently I vaguely saw, anyhooo... usually the approach is to toggle those visible when say "topic tools" is selected i.e. activated, the posts are then selected and then the desired action selected next and applied.

    I thought I was in the "activated" stage of that procedure, not in passive browsing mode.

    Is I the only one to think this is outside normal convention in general?

  • @omega the decision to separate the avatar and checkboxes was mine. It was done because clicking an avatar should always send you to a user profile. To turn it into a checkbox for some users and not others is confusing.

  • @julian Yea, I'm not lamenting that loss but I liked it, cause I'm odd that way, but conventions eh.

    However now that you said that, I was thinking most normal users or the rally 99.9% of a userbase, would never be selecting posts in the first instance (usually) only Mods or Admins would have to encounter the outside-convention approach of the past.

    I still like / prefer the idea of being in a active mod role or not. Such a clear UI delineation of being in active mod role with mod powers versus just browsing is a nice feedback touch, when things are busy.

    As an idea-example, when in a mods-tools-activated-mode, the post listing (or post) might get a obvious grey outline (or overlay to make it dull but legible, monochrome even) and when selected this might change to a brighten up to normal or get a stronger colour outline, red or bright blue, yellow.

    So scrolling up and down all the sleeted post are visually clear and strong to the mod/admin.

    Each listing is like selecting as if it's an entire card.

    Modding in the past on other platforms was always a precarious endeavour, and when ti went wrong, oh dear, as much as checkbox is old school thinking in terms of UI, i may work but consider the above if it's deemed useful.

  • Right I can see some of the UI behaviour I suggested is how it works in terms of visual feedback when selecting, fine, I hadn't looked at it deeply, so ignore all that I wrote on those points.

    Ultimately, something if feasible other than the checkbox would be visually less troublesome meaning the same visual styling can be consistent for all users, as I assume normal users don't see these checkboxes as they have no need or access to "topic tools" or do they?

  • @omega they do in the /recent and /unread pages, as there's sometimes need to select multiple topics.

  • @julian

    Ok, hmmm, well then it's even more an issue since the always-on checkbox is killing the layout n'look.

    It's either stick with the checkbox as is or consider select listings as cards option instead, but have a a toggle on/off state, so no matter whatever the selection method is it's hidden for general browsing, and only appears when activated (needed).

    If sticking with checkbox, consider aligning it to the left of the avatar not below, first in row, which is the logical or conventional place to put it IMHO, and because it's also adding to the height of each listing afaict, it's kinda wedged in there as is tbh.

    It behaves similar in discourse like this, and funnily enough it took me some time to find that button to turn on the column, so I'd say in a toggle on/ff scenario, have that topic tool button display an on/off state in the nav bar, i.e. but no buttons anywhere else. Combine the function into what is already un the UI.

    I like the topic tools counter, it's a nice visual feed back to have, however one thing I'm not seeing is a "select all" option, have I missed this?

  • Enable Live Reload (3.1.4)

    I've detect the "Enabled Live Reload" is not behaving correctly, while it refreshes the page after an update (or appears to), it doesn't actually take affect last changes, and a forced browser page reload is required to see the latest results, it's like the reload is one change behind.

  • Navbar - fit and finish, bug.

    Yea visual bug is a bug, to borrow some common coding parlance. So if something is visually buggin' me, it's a bug! 🙂

    Since I was playing around with this in the live editor it caused me to notice the below here on community:


    Perhaps you're testing something out but when I came across on my own deployment, I moved to "close the gap" or at least some of the gaps, among other things.

    You can test with this quickly with the live custom code, which also applies some increased contrast with some drop shadow TLC and I think this works universally:

    .sticky-tools {
         background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.0);
         padding: 0rem 0;
    .navbar {
        background-color: white;
        box-shadow: 0 4px 8px 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2), 0 6px 20px 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.19);

    I'm on a mission to "close the gap" on desktop and mobile, that gap is a bug, a fit and finish bug! Don't be fooled! 👷

  • One comment on the Data-line-number box looking very nice indeed with a Copy & Paste button perfect click and response feedback 👌

  • Screen goes entirely black:

    Reply -> Zen Mode -> Hide

    (Type Esc to exit the black screen)

    I reproduced this in Chrome, Firefox, and Brave. I am using v3.1.4, but it is also reproducible on this forum.

  • I found today that if in admin>settings>reputation you try and change any of the values, it doesnt let them save because it objects to other values being less than 0.
    For example this was an existing setting
    Minimum reputation to send chat messages

    It flags that up (cant be less than 0) when I try to save the other value I changed
    I dont want to make that zero, otherwise someone who is at -1 will be stopped from sending a chat message.
    it was ok at negative before, so I think its a bug that it doesnt allow it now?

  • The problem is more widespread, cant set any value less than zero.
    Im trying to figure out when this change crept in. It doesnt make sense?


  • I am getting these error in console log, could this be related?

    [deprecated] Accessing bootbox globally is deprecated.
    Use require(["bootbox"], function (bootbox) { ... }) instead
    error loading admin/settings/reputation
    Error: Cannot find module './settings/reputation'

  • @eeeee seems like a bug please open an issue on our github

  • @baris ok, what is the settings/reputation module its looking for. Should there be one?

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