Unsolved Problem with User registration through API

  • Hello
    I planned to use nodebb authentication in one more microservice which I'm going to create in react.
    I have tried write api
    Able to login the user. One cookie is getting created.

    When i try to register new user getting 403 forbidden in Postman
    And in nodebb logs i can able to see the api hit from post man there it displays invalid csrf token.

    Whats the exact payload and header required for user registration through api?

  • @Varun-Ganesh-D Which route are you using to register the user?

  • @julian
    for login api/v3/utilities/login
    For registration /api/v3/users POST Method

    Which should be used? For just auth system i required to use in another application!
    I just add some feature there which should be available only for authenticated user.
    Same user should be able to login in forum also with same credentials

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