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  • Had forum up a few weeks, did fill in some tags.
    Did the google console asking it to crawl my page
    But it still doesnt come up in google search even though the subject title is not common
    Any tips to get site noticed by search engine?

  • @eveh This could take some time if you expect to be listed "organically", sans any SEO pay as you go listing stuff. Like weeks/months.

    But... that said... In my experience, once you do make the gogbot's cut you tend to be in pretty decent shape. Well, lemme check... Yeah, my forums have been pretty dead for a while now but they still place well.

    Frustrating, I know, but give it some time.

    FWIW: Bing seems to be better at this than the goog. My site was listed there (and api consumers like DuckDuckGo) w/in a matter of days of going live.

    My $0.02. YMMV. Good luck! 🐕

  • A couple more goog thoughts:

    Content IS king, so try to get some meaningful stuff w/a bit of meat posted by a variety of users.

    In my experience, however, what the Goog is by far, far MOST interested in is the personal information stuff present on "User" profile pages. Those get hoovered, and I do mean hoovered, up as fast as your vm can serve them up, to the point of causing minimal DOS for a second or two, depending on vm provisioning. Increasing vm will not really do much to help though, cuz the goog will subsequently hoover even faster, gulping larger and larger gulps until their "algo" sees things slowing down and backs off.

    Your users may or may not be comfortable w/the goog's addiction to personal info so take steps congruent with your privacy posture accordingly. ACP helps you out some with this. For e.g., hide user email addresses.

    Another thing that I neglected to mention above: Both the Goog and Bing seem to LOVE to scrape images for their Images subsites. Hence, if appropriate for your content, a screen shot here, and image there which are in context may help out some.

    Note: I am a backend platform person, not a web dev/seo specialist. The above is based on some personal experiences over the years in effort to be helpful. Take it with a grain of salt, cuz...

    YMMV. 😉 🐕

  • @eveh Make sure the spiders pseudo-group is grant permission to view topics... otherwise NodeBB hides them. spiders are not treated the same as registered-users or guests

    By default they should have access, though.

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