Solved Short Title and Site Description

  • The Short Title doesnt get shown, and the Site Description overwrote the Browser Title!!

    So lets say my website is
    and I set "Short Title" as "A site about cars"
    and Site Description as "A forum to discuss electric vehicles"
    I expected to see those two things on the homepage or something, but the longer line about electric vehicles was crammed into the browser tab!
    Has anyone found this?

  • Update, by specifying Title Layout as {browserTitle} that has fixed the issue of the browser Tab getting filled
    But the Short Title and Site Description still dont show anywhere?

    Another confusing thing, under Admin settings (Home Page) it allows changing Title of the home Page (default "Home")
    putting other text here doesnt show anywhere either?

  • @eveh can I bump this as it still isnt showing?
    Grateful for anyones input

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Hi @eveh —

    • The "short title" is used in the app manifest. That is, if you install the forum as an app, that title will be used as the app title.
    • The regular "site title" is used everywhere
    • The "site description" is shown in the meta tag and used by search engines

    The home page title is used in the breadcrumb (I think)... on category listing, recent, and unread pages.

  • @julian
    Thanks. How does one install the forum as an app?

  • Topic has been marked as solved   E   eeeee 
  • GNU/Linux Admin

    @eveh NodeBB provides the bare minimum to allow browsers to expose the "Install as App" button (instead of "Add to Home Screen"). You'll have to inspect the menu options in your mobile browser.

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