Values to add to email templates

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  • Hi. Is there a list of values I can add to my email templates - I can see reference to {notification_url} but I'd like to see what else I can add to my templates.


  • GNU/Linux

    @mattdjuk You can do a search for the string emailer.send( in src/ to see every invocation of the emailer.

    From the first argument passed in, you can see which template it attempts to use, and the third argument shows the template data passed in.


    await emailer.send('notification', uid, {
    	path: notification.path,
    	notification_url: notification.path.startsWith('http') ? notification.path : nconf.get('url') + notification.path,
    	subject: utils.stripHTMLTags(notification.subject || '[[notifications:new_notification]]'),
    	intro: utils.stripHTMLTags(notification.bodyShort),
    	body: body,
    	notification: notification,
    	showUnsubscribe: true,

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