Chat Moderation

Feature Requests
  • If possible, if we can add the ability for users to flag messages for moderators, and allowing them to read the context of the chat room. I do really enjoy the chat feature that NodeBB has built in, however I am unable to allow access to the general userbase due to certain bad actors that would undoubtly take advantage of them to send inappropriate messages to other users.

  • @Mothership This has come up before. Partly the issue is privacy, since private chats would no longer then be private. I think the consensus at the time was that bad actors can be reported to moderators via chat itself but then you need to know who the mods and admins are. Otherwise I think they can just block offending (ab)user(s). Be that as it may (or may not be cuz my recollection is hazy on this): Seem like a "Report Abuse" button could be useful if it can be worked into the UI. 🐕 🌴 🌴

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