How to embed another page from another site ?

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    I have a question about pagnition behavior.
    When i set page size to 5, i will get 1 main post and 4 replies in first page. and 5 replies in other page.
    But i want 5 replies in first page, and every other page as well.
    And i can't find any hook can help. 😞

    is it possible to do this right now ?

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    Let say, I have a site (not a NodeBB site) and it has a newsletter form where users can subscribe by filling in their names & email addresses. After they hit submit, I'd like to redirect to the the forum site (Registration page).

    Is it possible to pass variables (eg: email address/username) to Registration page via query string?
    For example,[email protected]

    What I want to achieve is to since users have filled their information earlier, albeit on a different site, the Registration form should have a prefilled form (ie: name and email address).


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    It's possible, but not easy. There are a few options:

    create a theme for NodeBB, render NodeBB in an iframe and embed that in your page render NodeBB templates in an angular component and embed that in your page interface directly with the NodeBB rest API, creating a frontend in angular
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    @Fez-Vrasta Hey

    It sounds like you may be misunderstanding what the custom-pages plugin does. (I assume that's the one you are using.)

    You should not be creating a page for it route too. You are meant to add HTML widgets to the page on the Widgets panel. Then whenever you restart, it compiles that page for you.

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    @sergej-saveljev said:

    @a_5mith \{posts.editor.username\} not work in widgets

    Is that available in the api on the page you're viewing the widget on. I'm pretty sure that's how it works. Pinging @psychobunny as it's his templates.js. 🙂