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    @mschwartz one of the issues with migration to TS is the plugin system. NodeBB is using some of the flexibility of CommonJS that becomes a liability when adding server-side builds. Plugins use require.main.require, and I'm honestly not sure how well this works with TypeScript - it definitely doesn't work with IntelliSense (so plugins wouldn't even get the typing by default unfortunately), but I don't remember if I was testing tsc when I looked into using ES6 imports and building server-side code...

    It'd be relatively simple to go Svelte way and use JSDoc for type checking with TS but without compilation though, just some work on adding the types and fixing issues found that way πŸ™‚ Still, one would need some more work for it to help plugin developers and not just core.

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    @gotwf how did it go? I’m considering the same thing.


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    Blog content is usually the answer, forums can contain the discussion/path to the answer.....and thats worth so much more.

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    86 / 100 Desktop
    71 / 100 Mobile

    I can fix it so that it goes to 85, done it before but the way NodeBB is built doesn't allow me to do this and have the site fully functional.

    100 / 100 User Experience πŸ‘ (Like duh?) lol...

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    For some reason spam registrations have dropped drastically. I noticed it 3 days before I upgraded to 0.4.1. Now all those cialis, viagra, and levitra usernames no longer populate my list of users.