In ACP, disable email verification for users

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  • Hey,
    ACP User Management (/admin/manage/users) currently offers the option to manually verify a user's email, but the process cannot be reversed,
    for instance:
    On my forum, I block email changes, and the management changes it to whomever asks. But even though it's a new email address, it stays verified ...
    As another example, if I manually confirm an email in the wrong user, there is no way to undo it ...
    it would be great if you could add that!
    @julian @baris

  • Does it seem unnecessary? 🤔
    Maybe this ability exists in ACP in a place I don't know..?

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    I must've missed 'Default user settings' part. Thanks!

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    Hi @BuZz

    For sendmail, on our own servers, we run the following commands:

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